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Hello, looking for new opportunities?

Thank you for considering our openings. In Your Headway AS our goal is to find the ideal match. The employee and employer needs to have the same expectations, and understanding of the way forward. We are therefore not only looking for candidates matching the requirements, but also looking for the employer matching the candidates expectation.  

Remote jobs

Fair compensation

Well-proven recruitment processes


Your Headway AS are specialized in recruitment and staffing of remote colleges in EU. We are based in Norway (HQ), Estonia, and Bulgaria. But to be honest, we are working mostly from home. We believe in a remote friendly work environment, and that`s why our jobs are remote friendly. More employees than ever before are now working remotely as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to help employees finding talents like you, and to reduce the risk of local regulations.


Some advantages with remote work:

1. Remote employees are more productive, and it is reducing the micro management. 

2. Employer access a wider talent pool, and employees access a wider network of opportunities. 

3. It reduces business costs, and reduces costs for the employees.

4. It increases employee retention.

5. It’s greener.

6. It’s flexible. 

We therefore started this journey in 2020 to help companies access a wider talent pool, and to help talents access more opportunities. We are continuously receiving new opportunities, and if you want us to notify you once we receive a suitable match - contact us. 

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We are always looking for new talents. Send us your CV in order for us to notify you once we have a match.

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