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Unlock the full potential in recruitment

Your Headway empowers tech teams by connecting them with the right talent.

What Sets Us Apart

We're small, agile, and focused. We don't work with 50+ companies at the same time; instead, we narrow down to the companies that match us best. Because we are small, we can't work with everyone, but you can feel confident that your recruitment is our top priority once we proceed. Therefore, we invest a lot of time in understanding our customers culture, and candidate profile before moving forward.

All About Us


closing rate on the roles we undertake


 refund if the employment ends during the trial period


Payments upfront 

Let’s Talk Numbers

Talent Brand focus

We prioritise talent brand building, emphasising the positive impact of a candidate's experience aligned with company´s values and culture. We recognise the potential of all candidates and therefore, we ensure a respectful and thoughtful process for both parties.

Dedicated Resources

We provide dedicated support until your role is filled, leveraging deep tech industry knowledge to understand technical positions and identify the most suitable candidates.

Benefit from our pool 

We offer a wide European talent pool for remote roles and specialised Scandinavian pool for on-site positions. Clients access a diverse network of skilled candidates tailored to their needs through collaboration with our partners.

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