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New employee onboarding checklist

Onboarding checklists at one place help new hires get settled at your company. Create cards to see onboarding tasks and notes for that person. Example below.

a checklist for new employee. What to remember
Employee checklist

Employee onboarding checklist


  • Secure company laptop & charger, change password

  • Watch security tutorial

  • Wi-Fi network & password (If on-site)

  • Onboarding buddy introduction

  • Access to remote work resources (mobile, remote desktop, etc.)

  • Fill out getting-to-know-you survey

    • Submit recent headshot and 2–4 sentences for the company website bio

HR & benefits

  • Payroll — sign in, add banking information

  • Enroll in health insurance and other benefits

Day-to-day software setup

  • Log in to your Google account (email)

    • Set up two-factor authentication

    • Add team Google Calendar

    • Access Google Drive

  • Log in to Slack via Google account (internal communications)

    • Choose unique handle using @firstnamelastname

    • Add photo and location to profile

  • Log in to Notion via Google account (internal communications and docs)

    • Onboarding schedule

    • Team directory

    • Employee handbook

    • Team values and expectations

    • Must-read background blog posts or videos on company/products/services

    • Log in to Zoom via Google account (video calls)


For example, the Marketing team might use this onboarding list for their tools.

Check out your Gmail for invitations to sign in to the following tools:

  • Google Analytics

  • Twitter

  • Facebook

  • LinkedIn

  • Content management system

  • CRM

We want to set up new hiring managers, leaders, and recently promoted colleagues for success by providing them with proper hiring templates. Please reach out to us if you want some templates, and share them with the recipients so they can hit the ground running.

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